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Social media management

Are you looking for an expert in the field of social media? Do you want to outsource it or do you want to learn how to make more sales by using Instagram correctly? Then I want to put you in touch with my colleague, who has visibly proven herself with her company on social media.

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I mostly build and design WordPress websites. Besides the fact that WordPress has a market share of 43%, there also is a big community. In addition, events are regularly organized. Both I and my colleagues and clients use it frequently. Do you also support the WordPress community?

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Tellow accounting

Since the start of my company I use Tellow for my accounting. Despite that they are not often mentioned between the big guys, it really is my favorite program. It’s super clear, and you get superfast support from people with knowledge. And even the VAT return is a piece of cake with Tellow. Are you looking for an accounting program?

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Notion projectmanagement

When I just started I worked with Trello, Asana and Monday. And besides that, multiple tools to organize everything. I needed more and more tools, until a colleague gave me a hint about Notion. Meanwhile I totally invented Notion and everything is operating fully automatic. Because you can automate a lot and also via Zapier you can link (almost) everything that you want!